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Sunday Snack: Mango Venison Salsa [VIDEO]

Looking for a great Sunday snack? How about some chips and mango venison salsa?

Chips and salsa is a staple snack in my household. We are always looking for different ways to prepare salsa, whether it be to mix it with guacamole or add some sort of fruit to sweeten it up.

This mango venison salsa has a bit of every food group and He Shoots She Cooks filmed her process.

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Obviously this salsa can be served as a meal, as seen in the video. Although we make our own salsa by cutting up onions, tomatoes and mangoes, store-bought mango salsa is fine.

This would make a nice filling snack with chips rather than served over rice with veggies but it all sounds delicious!

Happy dipping!

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Sunday Snack: Mango Venison Salsa [VIDEO]