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Sunday Hunting Ban in Virginia Challenged by Safari Club International

A lawsuit against the Sunday hunting ban in Virginia has been filed by Safari Club International (SCI), with the argument that the ban is unconstitutional on both a state and national level.

According to SCI President Craig Kauffman, Sunday hunting bans should be a thing of the past and have no basis in science or conservation.

"Hunters have to work during the week, and young hunters are in school, making weekends the primary time they can hunt. The unconstitutional ban on Sunday hunting robs hunters of half their potential time afield, and has absolutely no basis in science or conservation," he said.

Debates over this issue are expected to occur during the upcoming 2014 legislative session in Virginia.

SCI plans to pursue this issue through any means necessary according to Kauffman. "As hunters, we are hopeful that state legislators support the Virginia Constitutional right to hunt and fish and pass meaningful legislation to repeal the ban. SCI will not formally serve the Commonwealth of Virginia until state legislators have exhausted their efforts in Richmond. The filing of this lawsuit marks our promise to pursue this issue through any and all available means."

SCI has to feel good about its chances to have this ban repealed. Virginia's purported reasoning behind the ban is to give animals a day of rest. That reasoning has absolutely no scientific merit which has even been said by Virginia's own Board of Game and Inland Fisheries. The Board stated that, "the Virginia ban on Sunday hunting serves no biological purpose and is counterproductive to matters of game management."

While hunting is legal in every state, there are only 11 which have any sort of ban on Sunday hunting. It is hoped that a successful repeal of the ban in Virginia will lead to other states also removing their bans.

Opponents of the ban say Sunday hunting is beneficial to both the animals and to the hunters that pursue them.

Hunting regulations need to be based on solid wildlife management principles instead of outdated laws and ways of thinking.

What do you think of Sunday hunting bans? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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Sunday Hunting Ban in Virginia Challenged by Safari Club International