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Sunday Gunday: Top 7 Guns for Your Sweetheart This Valentines Day

guns for your sweetheart

It's never to early to think about the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

And, there's nothing that could beat a gun as a gift.

1. Henry Arms Personalized Golden Boy Rifle

Love that special someone and want to put words to it that'll last a lifetime and more? Well, Henry Arms can help you with the perfect personalized gift. That's so much better than a ring or a card, right? We think so!

Henry Arms

2. Remington 597 Pink Camo Rifle

This pink camouflage .22-caliber rifle looks sharp at the range and will hide your lady from the sharp eyes of small game.


3. Smith & Wesson Model 642 LS Lady Smith Revolver

Is the lady in your life a fan of revolvers? If so, the S&W Model 642 LS Lady Smith Revolver will look great in her hands and pack a one-two punch. A diamond necklace can't protect her life like this little J-frame revolver can.

Smith & Wesson

4. Henry Arms Lever-Action .45-70 Rifle

Big boys deserve big toys. If you're buying for a guy that loves to hunt and shoot big-bore rifles, look no further. This beautiful, fast-shooting rifle will put down any threat or game animal. It'll also put a huge smile on his face!

5. A pink gripped Glock Pistol

Just like your love for her, a Glock Pistol never stops. Buy her one in pink and she'll never lose her pistol in your gun collection.


6. Ruger LCP Pistol with Muddy Girl® Camo Grip Frame

How about the ultra-concealable Ruger LCP Pistol in Muddy Girl® Camo? This .380 ACP pistol gives your loved one the ability to conceal in a small package.


7. Ruger LCP Reduced Moon Shine Camo® Toxic® Grip Frame Pistol

This camouflaged pistol will match the pants he lives in. Now with this pair of his-and-her pistols you can hit the range in matching style. 


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Sunday Gunday: Top 7 Guns for Your Sweetheart This Valentines Day