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Sunday Funday Doesn't Stop in the Fall, and Here Are 5 Reasons Why

After staying outside late on warm summer nights to squeeze every last, delicious drop out of Sunday, it's easy to feel glum come fall...

But these funny photos and videos will catapult you back into high Sunday Funday spirits! Here are the five fall experiences we think make fall Sundays some of the best (and definitely most fun) days of the year.

1. Grilling

Autumn breeze is the best complement to the heat of a charcoal grill, which makes Sundays in fall some of the absolute most relaxing and delicious grilling days of the year.

Oh, and if it rains?

then we shall grill in the rain

2. Going on a Mission from God... Um, Road Trip

Who's to say walleye fishing isn't basically a mission from God, anyway? Simply driving along scenic autumn roads and getting out to enjoy the milder weather can make you forget all about Monday morning.

(Protip: With the sheer power of max towing of up to 10,640 pounds, you can bring everything you need for even the most ambitious mission in your Ram 1500). 

3. Declaring "DIY Day"

Few things can provide the deep, satisfying escape that working on a personal project can. Whether you use it to cook food (like this DIY backpacking stove) or just to make it seem like you're cooking (like these bacon candles), ending your Sunday with a finished "did-it-myself" product in your hands will start your week with a lasting memory.

bacon candles

4. Celebrating Some of America's Great Seasonal Traditions

Football season, deer season, election season... (three guesses which one isn't actually a part of Sunday Funday in the fall).

Fall is a great time to connect to America's most wonderful traditions, whether you're out in the field, on the field, or in the bleachers.

Supporting a local team? Don't forget that you can use your waterproof and drainable Rambox® as a cooler. Just pick up the ice and the pop; your Ram 1500 will do the rest!

football season meme

5. Scaring the Heck Out of Your Kids

This video is simply a must-see, compiling footage of different kids being told the same thing: mom or dad ate the Halloween candy!

Would you dare play this prank on your kids this fall? Cue the scary laughter!

Are you convinced that Sunday Funday is alive and well throughout the autumn months?


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Sunday Funday Doesn't Stop in the Fall, and Here Are 5 Reasons Why