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Summertime Grilling: Jack Link’s Wild Side Sausage [PICS]

Looking for the perfect thing to grill this summer? Check out Jack Link’s new Wild Side Sausage line. 

Jack Link’s was created by the ultimate pioneers. The smoked sausage recipe was perfected by Jack Link’s great grandfather while on the trail in the 1880s which then spurred this meat snack empire.

This summer, Jack Link’s has released an entire line of different flavored sausage links that you can add to your grill for summer BBQs.

These sausage links come in five new flavors:

  • Original Hardwood Smoked Sausage: The original sausage has the traditional spices that grills up perfectly.
  • Hardwood Smoked with Cheddar Sausage: This one takes the original sausage and combines the flavors with a melty cheddar cheese.
  • Jalapeño Sausage: Looking for a sausage with a kick? Jack Links has got you covered. This sausage is a combination of beef, pork and jalapeño.
  • Bratwurst with Bacon Jerky: Who doesn’t like bacon? This sausage combines a hickory-smoke bacon jerky to the original sausage.
  • Bratwurst with Peppered Jerky: This bratwurst sausage is blended with ground pepper jerky perfect for a hot summer day.

Jack Links is an expert at meat snacks and their sausage will not disappoint. Put a few of these sausages on the grill at your next summer barbecue.

You’ll be eating Jack Link’s famed smoked sausage recipe of the 1880s just like a true pioneer.

The sausages will be available at Walmart this summer for a suggested retail price of $3.98.

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Summertime Grilling: Jack Link’s Wild Side Sausage [PICS]