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This Summer’s Newest Camping Gadgets [VIDEO]

We all enjoy our trips to spend some time with Mother Nature getting away from our day-to-day routine, but there are just a few amenities that may be hard to live without.

If you’re looking for a few gadgets to make your trip feel a little more like home, you’ll want to watch this video.

Many of these products would be a great addition to a survival kit, bug out bag, or for hunters hitting the woods this fall. The ability to use solar panels to charge our devices has become the major camping advance and now it even incorporates lights around camp.

Backcountry North manager, Cody Schwartz, talks a little about some of the best new gadgets for this summer’s camping trips.

Whether it’s hammocks, tents, RVs, or a sleeping bag on the ground you can find just about anything you can imagine for the camping or hiking lifestyle these days.

Would you rather use some of these 21st century gadgets to make your trip a little comfier or go traditional and leave the technology at home?

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This Summer’s Newest Camping Gadgets [VIDEO]