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Learn How to Make a Mock Scrape with Cabela's Hunting

Along with those summer deer property preparations, learn how to make a mock scrape and start bringing the bucks in.

Cabela's Hunting goes over tips to make a mock scrape and get ahead of the game for this coming deer hunting season.

Learning how to make a mock scrape is another tool in your toolbox to attract quality deer and modify their travel patterns to your advantage. You probably already know your deer hunting property pretty well so find the deer's travel corridors and put in a mock scrape just inside edge cover in sight of at least one of your stands. Ensure there is a licking branch in easy reach, rip up the ground a bit and apply some mock scrape deer attractant. The final step is to hang a trail camera and start getting a good idea of what bucks are competing for your neck of the woods.

I have just started my preps for the Fall by cutting and clearing shooting lanes for three of my stands, placing the excess brush to funnel the deer towards shooting range and the final addition was the sighting of a mock scrape. I just put out my trail camera on the scrape and will give it a couple of weeks before I check to see what bucks are hitting it.

Starting a mock scrape in preparation for your deer hunting season is sure to give you an advantage this Fall and also builds the excitement early to see what bucks you have roaming your favorite deer woods.


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Learn How to Make a Mock Scrape with Cabela's Hunting