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Summer Catfishing Tips: How To Get One Important Step Closer to the Frying Pan

These summer catfishing tips can help lead to everybody’s favorite, a good fish fry.

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As the water begins to warm up in the spring, catfish become the southern angler’s “go to” fish. When all the other species are nowhere to be found, these faithful fish are seemingly everywhere.

They’re fun to catch, abundant and delicious! Their size ranges anywhere from 0-260 lbs. (recently caught in Italy) or more. Catfish are so popular for a good reason; they are one of the best tasting fish out there.

There is something quite scrumptious about the taste of a mouthful of crispy catfish fillets, fried up in peanut oil, accompanied by pickles and onions. Rarely can you attend a traditional fish fry on the Gulf Coast without this mouth-watering indulgence being somewhere on the menu. It’s definitely a  southern comfort food. Here are some practical techniques for catching the big ones.

With all the dead bait fish floating around from winter’s chill, the catfish begin to aggressively gorge. This is what makes them the perfect choice for fisherman in the spring. The same thing you use to catch them with all year long will work in the spring too. A smelly cut bait or a dead baitfish is the perfect choice for early spring.

But in late spring and early summer, you’ll want to switch your bait. Try using worms, crawfish, insects, artificial stinkbait or live baitfish. Catfish are spawning in spring, so you will find them in shallow waters. This behavior increases your ability to locate and catch them. Look for warm shallow flats and windy days, especially after a spring rain.

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Choose the downwind side of the body of water you are fishing in. That is where the water’s surface current, from the wind, will have deposited the dead baitfish. If you’re in a smaller body of water, such as a tributary, look for the conflux of where its nutrient rich deposits are flowing into the main river.

There are several strategies to use when fishing for these big cats. The easiest one is to kick back on the bank, or in a boat, while enjoying a gorgeous day waiting for one to bite your line. If you’re preparing for a slew of hungry mouths to feed, then a more productive approach is in order.

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Summer Catfishing Tips: How To Get One Important Step Closer to the Frying Pan