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Sugar Bob, the Stoned Deer of Oregon, Goes on 'The Daily Show' [VIDEO]

Remember Sugar Bob? The deer who has it made on the pot farm in Oregon? He recently made an appearance on 'The Daily Show.'

Sugar Bob is a deer who lives a lush life in the hills of Oregon on a medical marijuana pot farm. He is a house pet and eats marijuana.

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Watch this skit on "The Daily Show" parodying pot culture and the drug war in America. Oh yeah, and it features the stoned deer, Sugar Bob.

The Daily Show
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I think I need a spirit deer Sugar Bob in my home.

But don't you love watching Sugar Bob just lazily munching weed plants?

The video gets even better, though, when a camera is attached to Sugar Bob and you get to see his point of view when he gets the munchies. You follow him into the general store next door where he gets into snacks. His favorite is candy.

The "Scarface" parody is silly but definitely gets you to chuckle. Everyone loves a stoned deer and his kingpin pot farmer.

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Sugar Bob, the Stoned Deer of Oregon, Goes on 'The Daily Show' [VIDEO]