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Meet Sugar Bob, Everyone's Favorite Pot-Eating, Perpetually-Stoned Deer

In Oregon, marijuana is legal, and even the deer are getting stoned.

Meet Sugar Bob, the stoned deer of Oregon. Sugar Bob is a domestic (and often stoned) deer, living in the mountains of Oregon with Richard Davis, a medical marijuana grower, and his elderly beagle, Trooper D.

Davis "owns" Sugar Bob, who helps to comfort Trooper D as he eases into old age and eventually passes on.

Sugar Bob also cleans up the weed trimmings. And then he gets really sleepy...

Marijuana is a plant, so it makes sense that deer think it's up for grabs. It probably tastes good and makes the deer feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But the other growers around Davis' farm don't think deer eating their crop is that funny. They think Sugar Bob should be out being chased by mountain lions, like "normal" deer.

Richard Davis wants Sugar Bob around to have a buddy for his beagle, Trooper D. He also likes to watch Sugar Bob get high, saying:

He just ate a big bud and he's just getting sleepier and sleepier...between his motion of chewing his cud and the peacefulness in his eyes, I had to curl up next to him...

Then Richard and Sugar Bob just nap away.


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Meet Sugar Bob, Everyone's Favorite Pot-Eating, Perpetually-Stoned Deer