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Sucks to Be a Duck: Bass Attacks a Duckling [VIDEO]

bass eating duckling

Watch some hot topwater action using a unique lure design, as an aggressive bass attacks a duckling! (Not to mention an alligator sighting!)

Largemouth bass’ primary forage consists of baitfish and crawfish; however, they have been known to eat insects, mice, snakes, and just about anything they can fit down their gullet.

This lure, which imitates a baby duck, seems to capitalize on that opportunistic nature.

At first, one might imagine a baby duck lure would be intended to catch much larger fish like muskie. But after watching this video, and watching as one particularly savage bass attacks a duckling, this author concludes that bass must dine on baby ducks with some regularity.

Duck confit, anyone?

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Sucks to Be a Duck: Bass Attacks a Duckling [VIDEO]