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Sturgeon Knocks Florida Teen Unconscious


A sturgeon in Florida leapt from the water and knocked a teen unconscious on a boat outing.

In Chiefland, Florida a 14-year-old, Heavyn Nash, was knocked unconscious by a six-foot-long sturgeon during a boating trip at Manatee State Park.

The fish reportedly jumped from the Suwannee river and struck her, knocking her down into the boat. She was taken to a local hospital with no serious injuries.

This is the second sturgeon to strike a boat or person in the last two weeks. On May 23, 2015 one jumped from the river and crashed through a boat’s windshield on the Santa Fe River injuring the driver.

Sturgeon average 40 pounds or more and can reach lengths of up to 12 feet. They are well-known for their impressive jumping abilities where they can explode from the water up to seven feet into the air.

Locals fish and wildlife say these incidents are due to lower than average water levels for the year. Sturgeon are protected under Florida state and federal laws.

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Sturgeon Knocks Florida Teen Unconscious