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Sturgeon Fishing Slugfest on the Rainy River [VIDEO]

Ice fishing for the largest fish in freshwater plus plenty of snacks equals an awesome night.

Aaron Wiebe and Zack McBride are night ice fishing for sturgeon on Minnesota’s Rainy River. They catch three big sturgeon on camera using a simple, easily replicable technique: basically just one or two shiner minnows on a bare jig fished on the bottom.

I admit that this is one of my favorite videos that the guys from “Uncut Angling” have put out. They’re fishing in somewhat challenging conditions (there’s a sizable layer of slush beneath the ice), but they’re enjoying success and having a lot of fun.

They also make sure to have plenty of junk food snacks on hand for the “between-fish” periods.

It’s just a fun video, with plenty of good humor and fishing excitement. You get to see some big sturgeon as well as some curious winter ice fishing attire.

Aaron indicates that Minnesota has an almost year-round open season on sturgeon, and that the state is doing a bang-up job in managing the fishery.

“Uncut Angling” is a Canadian-based show and Canada does not allow sturgeon fishing. So the anglers crossed the border from the Canadian side of the Rainy River where sturgeon fishing is illegal, to the U.S. side of the river where it’s legal.

If you do fish the Rainy for sturgeon in the winter you might want to make sure to pack extra bags of Maynard’s Swedish Fish snacks, just for luck.

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Sturgeon Fishing Slugfest on the Rainy River [VIDEO]