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Stupid Pelican Swallows Fish On Line, Gets Reeled In [VIDEO]

Pelicans have to eat too, but when this pelican catches a fish already on someone's line, things get dicey.

When you are fishing, it is a given that occasionally something strange will end up on the other end of the line. Turtles, snakes, frogs, all of these will probably get hooked at some point or another.

One thing that you probably have not considered is a bird. This guy does not catch just any bird, he catches a pelican. That is a large bird to try and land, especially on a hand line.


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What is most impressive is how calm the guy is while landing the bird. When the knife came out, you had to wonder if there would be fresh pelican for supper that night. Luckily for the bird, the fisherman is all about catch and release when it comes to crazy pelicans.

Over the years I have caught some weird stuff while fishing. Once I caught a huge snapping turtle on a spinner bait. If you were wondering, I did not even attempt to get the lure back.

I have also witnessed someone catch a bat. This was the first time that I have seen someone catch a bird though. The guy does a great job to get the pelican flying again without any injuries other than likely a wounded pride.

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Stupid Pelican Swallows Fish On Line, Gets Reeled In [VIDEO]