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Stunning Tree-Lined Towers in Italy Brings the Woods to the City


These two tree-lined towers that you can live in bring the forest and fresh air to the city of Milan, Italy.

Short of Jack-in-the-Beanstalk or growing a tree enormous enough to build a house in, the next best thing just might be these apartment buildings in Milan.

With hundreds of potted trees lining the Bosco Verticale it brings the oxygen-producing, carbon-dioxide-eating need for green to the modern high-rise.

Engineering of weight-loads, wind speeds, and climate be damned as people have the benign need for contact with nature that green plants provide.

A combination of local Italian deciduous and evergreen trees creates a diverse and eclectic array of beauty and natural wonder.

An artist’s conception of the dream.

1boscoverticale......Compare that to the reality of the project.


Cities and their buildings give off what’s referred to as the “Heat Island Effect”, or the amount of the sun’s radiation they reflect to other surrounding buildings and structures. Giving modern buildings a natural way to absorb the sun’s energy can reduce this effect and help in the long fight against global warming.


The aesthetic alone create an atmosphere of relaxation and replicates that feeling of calm pleasure we get when we travel in nature.


We’ve been lining our homes and yards with plants forever, so why not extend that ability to those who live in urban areas?


Even seeing these apartments from the ground can be an uplifting experience.


While keeping these green buildings truly green may take some work for those who live there, it’s just another day in the life for earthlings who don’t mind a small price to pay to help keep the world beautiful and safe.

The logistics of building this kind of structure are enormous, but not more so than the cost our great cities have towards global warming.

Building upwards grants our urban areas the ability to survive and thrive, but the cost of heating and cooling these massive structures is huge.

Taking into consideration the problems we all face in a future where climate change is occurring and knowing our desire to make sure we leave our children and grandchildren with a green earth, this is just one way to make a difference.

All pictures via Tree Hugger.


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Stunning Tree-Lined Towers in Italy Brings the Woods to the City