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Stunning Time-Lapse Sheds New Light on Yellowstone [VIDEO]

Think Yellowstone is beautiful during the day? A new time-lapse video shows the hidden magnificence of the park after dark.

In the new video,  entitled “Yellowstone by Moonlight,” photographer Christopher Cauble captures the landmarks of the famed national park with nothing but the night sky to illuminate them. Many visitors are familiar with the breathtaking scenery of Yellowstone, but few visitors get to see what it offers after closing hours. That is, until now.

On his Vimeo page where the video is hosted, Cauble says he spent several nights alone capturing the haunting footage.

“Although unsettling at times, the experience was incredibly profound and one could even say life changing,” Cauble wrote, “Yellowstone is an extreme and dynamic environment; at times I could be watching a geyser erupt under a full moon and at the same time hear wolves howling in the distance. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to witness this beautiful and unique place under these circumstances.”

The video is not only an enlightening look at the park at nighttime, it’s a moving reminder of the importance of preserving the outdoors – a message made all the more relevant by the upcoming 100-year anniversary of Yellowstone.

While nothing quite touches the experience of seeing Yellowstone in person, videos like Cauble’s are a vital tool in spreading the word that the park and places like it are still very much worth saving – and not just on film.

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Stunning Time-Lapse Sheds New Light on Yellowstone [VIDEO]