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Stunning Pike Attacks on Dead Bait in Super Slo-mo

pike attacks

This video proves that bait doesn’t need to be alive to initiate vicious pike attacks.

When a pike attacks dead bait, it really attacks dead bait. This video shows off just how voracious the torpedo-shaped underwater predator can really be. Pike attacks are known to be very vicious when the fish are in feed mode and this underwater footage puts that on display.

The video was also shot during inclement weather which helps to show that weather doesn’t always turn off the pike bite. You’ll be convinced of that after watching these pike attacks on dead bait!

Pike are a very exciting species to target while fishing wherever they are found.

Not only are pike attacks on bait vicious and hard-hitting, but the fish also put up a great fight after being hooked, as this video shows.


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Stunning Pike Attacks on Dead Bait in Super Slo-mo