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This Stunning Gim River Fishing Film Makes Us Wish We Were Swedish (Almost)

Gim River

Two fly fishermen experience defeat and success on Sweden’s Gim River as they pursue big, beautiful brown trout in these unique waters.

Two good friends, Alexander and Markus, are fishing Sweden’s Gim River for massive, sagging-bellied brown trout. The fishing isn’t easy and they have to work hard for what they get. But their will is up to the challenge presented by the trout.

This is the third in Freewater Pictures’ Big Fish series. These are the filmmakers who brought us wonderful fishing films such as Big Fish Stories – Expedition Hauka and the This is Where the Monsters Are Alaska adventure.

This film, Where the Big Fish Rises III – Sweden, is a less an adventure than it is a study in the dogged determination it takes to overcome a sporadic brown trout bite, with plenty of beautiful scenery and fantastic river scenes thrown in.

It’s a brilliant film that explores the dynamic of having to work really hard to catch big fish.

They’re off to fast start with a big brown, but then, Alexander loses a nice fish. “We lost all our mojo with the big trout that got away,” he laments.

The Gim River trout come sporadically after that, but when they do, they’re big and fat. The flies need to be cast precisely in order to get the fish to bite. One evening on day two, Markus tries for and misses a nice brown at a specific spot in the river… he casts to the spot 17 times before he hooks the fish.

With that fish, they get their mojo back. On day three, the fish are cooperating again. Big fish come to the net. Persistence pays off.

In the end, Where the Big Fish Rises III – Sweden is just a couple of guys fishing for trout on a river, but it’s a gorgeous film. The music, camera angles, drone shots and underwater perspectives all combine wonderfully.

Freewater Pictures has managed to turn a cool, though admittedly average, fishing experience into a mesmerizing work of art.

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This Stunning Gim River Fishing Film Makes Us Wish We Were Swedish (Almost)