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Stunning Footage of Fly Fishing for Montana Brook Trout [VIDEO]

brook trout

Need some fly fishing inspiration? This brook trout video is your ticket.

Outside of Butte, Montana, these anglers decided to re-live the past by pursuing brook trout on a small stream they had fished with their grandfather. And the fly fishing was just as good as they recalled.

The video has great music, beautiful cinematography, and gorgeous brook trout. What else do you need for fly fishing inspiration?

Brook trout were introduced to Montana in 1889 and survived well in the cold, spring-fed, headwater streams there. Fortunately, this also suited the fly fishing enthusiasts of Montana and surrounding regions, who continue to hike to remote streams and seek out these little treasures.

If you’ve ever chased brook trout along any of the small and secluded streams in America’s wild places, you’ll immediately understand the appeal and appreciate the video. Sure, the brookies made famous here aren’t huge, but that’s part of the fun of chasing them. They’re small, elusive, stunning, and surprisingly strong fighters.

So if you’re looking for a little inspiration for a new fly fishing trip, or if you just need some beautiful video footage to help you plow through your week, check out other great videos like this.

They seem to help.

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Stunning Footage of Fly Fishing for Montana Brook Trout [VIDEO]