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Stunning Bobcat Pics Captured on Trail Cam by Accident

Photos via Melanie Hill

Melanie Hill was trying to take pictures of bears in her yard. Imagine her surprise when stunning images of a bobcat appeared on the trail camera instead!

With black bear activity occurring in her Boulder, Colorado neighborhood, Melanie Hill decided to set up a motion-activated trail camera in hopes of capturing some action.

Hill, the director of communications for the WILD Foundation, is no stranger to animals. But the sight of a bobcat left her speechless.


“After looking through thousands of pictures of squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, deer, etc., I was beyond excited to find this series of bobcat images!” she wrote on Reddit. “I got this camera trap to document the bear activity in our yard, so I was incredibly surprised to see this regal bobcat casually stroll through!”


Bobcats are not rare in this part of the country, but to capture them in such splendid and up-close detail certainly is.

Sure beats a black bear any day of the week!

Photos: Melanie Hill


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Stunning Bobcat Pics Captured on Trail Cam by Accident