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Stuffed Tiger Triggers Call to Michigan Animal Control [PICS]

All photos via ABC News

The maker of this giant stuffed tiger is to be commended. The plush toy is so realistic, it spurred a call to a Michigan animal control center last week from a caller who thought an actual wild cat was in the neighborhood.

Joe Daniels, a supervisor at the Kent County Animal Shelter in Grand Rapids, Michigan fielded a call last Thursday about a tiger in a local backyard. Daniels, understandably skeptical, drove to where the tiger was apparently sighted.

“The whole time on my drive, I’m completely cynical,” Daniels said in an interview. “There’s no way; it can’t be.”

But upon arriving at the scene, Daniels thought the call was for real. Looking down the driveway, he saw the tiger facing away, snapped a photo, then called dispatch to report a tiger in the backyard.

“At that point… I could totally see how someone would call this in,” he said.


Another animal control officer arrived and took a closer look before informing Daniels that the animal was in fact, stuffed.

“I can’t blame the caller, because it had me,” Daniels said.

The house near where the tiger appeared was vacant, and the stuffed animal’s owner was unknown, so officers decided to remove the toy from the backyard, lest it frighten any more locals, or embarrass another well-meaning animal control officer.


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Stuffed Tiger Triggers Call to Michigan Animal Control [PICS]