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Stuff You’ll Want: The OD Quick Draw Fixed Blade from

Check out the OD Quick Draw, a handsome, well put together blade from

From time to time, we get an opportunity to take a look at outdoor gear and profile it for our readers and followers, and we’re typically pleased with the results. When we connected with for a chance to try out a blade, we had high hopes.

And boy, did those hopes turn into realities. The OD Quick Draw, a USA-made, multi-purpose field knife, might just be one of the best all-around knives we’ve come across.

One of the first, instantly notable things about the Quick Draw is its non-specific design. Not quite a hunting knife, not quite a tactical weapon, and not quite a bushcrafting tool, its all-encompassing style fits with almost any requirements.


Here are the specs:

  • BLADE SIZE: 3 1/4″
  • TOTAL SIZE: 7 3/4″
  • BLADE MATERIAL: Semi-Stainless D2 Steel, Rockwell Hardness of RC 59-60
  • HANDLE: OD Green Micarta with Large Stainless Steel Pins and Lanyard Hole
  • GUARD: Integral
  • SHEATH: Concealex Heavy Duty Kydex Sheath – with belt loop
  • WEIGHT: 6.3 oz.

The considerable weight makes the Quick Draw feel sturdy and substantial, and has a good balance from end to end.

The blade’s D2 stainless steel material has become the go-to for knives, especially those with multiple uses. Going with D2 was a smart choice for, and after a couple months of use, the blade’s edge has held impeccably.


Beyond the blade (the sharpness of which goes without saying), the Quick Draw’s features include the Micarta handle, which is punched with a lanyard hole, the perfect spot for a piece of paracord.

Even with a little sweat built up on your palms, the handle’s texture and material will maintain a steady grip with little to no slippage.

The Kydex sheath has a belt-style attachment loop, allowing it to be carried horizontally at the waist. Some deep thinking went into the sheath, as the comfort and maneuverability you experience while wearing it is definitely notable. It’s easy to forget it’s there, which isn’t always a bad thing while carrying a commonly used knife.odqd3

The Quick Draw might not work perfectly for skinning or filleting, but there weren’t many other tasks we could think of that it didn’t (or wouldn’t potentially) excel at.

When given the tried and true paper test, the sharpness of the Quick Draw’s blade showed its high quality fresh out of the box, but also held up, as mentioned, after some heavy usage. Though there may have been a bit more resistance, the blade still tore through a single sheet of paper after use with sharpness to spare.

We also cut through 550 paracord with it, and the amazingly low amount of effort needed to get through it was impressive.

All in all, the Quick Draw from should get heavy consideration from anyone looking for an ideal, multi-use knife that’s as ready as you are for what lies ahead.

Where to find it:

Price tag: $225

Pluses: Multi-use, D2 blade, Micarta handle

Minuses: May not be ideal for game processing

Be sure to check out for their huge selection of blades, plus all kinds of smart everyday carry gear.


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Stuff You’ll Want: The OD Quick Draw Fixed Blade from