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Stuff We Want: The Lily Camera Drone That Flies Itself [VIDEO]

Lily Camera

What if you had a camera to follow you around and aerially film all your awesome outdoor adventures? Introducing, the Lily camera drone. 

The Lily is new drone that will be the outdoorsman's next best friend.

Here is the world's first "throw-and-shoot" camera that literally follows you in whatever you are doing. You don't even have to fly it yourself.

It blows regular drones and minicopters out of the water.

Lily is waterproof, so you can take it to film aerial shots of your angling trips; It is portable, so you can take it into the backcountry to get that elk hunt on film; and it shoots in HD for up to 20 minutes.

It looks like all outdoorsmen and sportsmen everywhere will be making their own quality films, giving everyone their 15 minutes in the limelight.

Apparently, all you need to do is take your Lily out of your pocket or bag, throw it in the air and it will follow you.

It looks like you have a remote on your wrist and from there, you can switch camera views from lead, to side, to follow, as well as take camera stills. The remote is also how the Lily stays close.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 3.47.30 PM

You can preorder your Lily here for $519. This is a special deal lasting only until June 15. Shipping starts in February of 2016.

Small price to pay to potentially be famous.

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Stuff We Want: The Lily Camera Drone That Flies Itself [VIDEO]