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Stuff We Want: The Quadrofoil [VIDEO]

The Quadrofoil, an all-electric personal hydro-foiling watercraft, is perfect for a day on the lake.

According to their website, “Quadrofoil is a high-tech development company with a team of skilled engineers, nautical enthusiast and visionaries, who design and manufacture the world’s first fully electric and completely environmentally friendly hydrofoiling personal watercraft.”

The company has been designing the Quadrofoil for several years and it is finally available for purchase. It offers users a unique experience while on the water and produces no emissions and hardly any noise. This allows it to be used where other watercraft are restricted or forbidden.

Driving the Quadrofoil gives users the feeling of flying over the water due to its use of hydrofoils. Once it is up to speed, the watercraft’s hull rises several inches above the water as it skims along on the hydrofoil rails.

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An integrated touchscreen in the Quadrofoil’s aptly named cockpit displays important information to the craft’s current pilot. It also acts as a removable key to ensure that the user determines who operates the watercraft.

The hull is made from 100% composite materials and weighs in at a manageable 220 pounds. It is constructed to be completely hollow ensuring that even in the worst situation, the Quadrofoil will always stay afloat.

Industry standard batteries power the watercraft and allow it to travel over 54 nautical miles on one charge. A complete charge takes two hours. An integrated and patented steering system, the first of its kind on a hydrofoil watercraft, allows for great stability and the reduction of drifting while turning.

Safety was also a main focus for the designers of the Quadrofoil. In addition to the unsinkable hull, the watercraft has a shock absorbing anti-collision system built in and a very high center of gravity which ensures the craft stays horizontal at all times. Included with each Quadrofoil is a pair of life vests, an oar, and a safety whistle.


With a top speed of approximately 25 miles per hour, or 21 knots, the Quadrofoil provides an exciting and exhilarating ride across the surface of any suitable body of water. If you want to own one of these watercraft, it will cost you a pretty penny. The cheaper of the two models is currently available for pre-order for around $18,000.

While the current design of the Quadrofoil may not lend itself well to fishing, the technology behind it should be of interest to any angler. The lack of waves produced and the silent motor would go a long way towards spooking less fish.

Hopefully future models of the Quadrofoil will be designed with anglers in mind.

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Stuff We Want: The Quadrofoil [VIDEO]