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Stuff We Want: Pocket Cannons [VIDEO]

Blast into the new year with Pocket Cannons, one of the world’s smallest working artillery!

Pocket Cannons are exactly what they sound like: small, working cannons that can fit in your pocket.

With the help of Pyrodex or Triple Seven black powder, each tiny cannon is capable of firing a .30 caliber steel ball up to 100 yards and destroying any targets in its path.

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If that doesn’t look like fun to you, we don’t know what does. Pocket Cannons would make the perfect gift for any gun enthusiast, or anyone who is still a kid at heart and likes to see things go boom!

Each Pocket Cannon is designed exactly like the mortars used during the Civil War. A solid stainless steel barrel ensures a long life of shooting fun, while the aluminum base and adjustment screws only add to the cool factor of each cannon.

According to the company’s website, Pocket Cannons easily rise above any of the company’s competitors’ cannons. For instance, most other mini cannons fire .177 caliber BBs, while Pocket Cannons fire .30 caliber steel balls.

“Our mini cannons hurl a powerful .30 caliber slingshot ball and are much easier to load and fire,” the creators claim.

Facebook/Pocket Cannons

Each cannon, regularly priced at $49, comes with a ramrod and three rounds of ammo included. All you have to add is the powder, fuse and a target that you want to see destroyed.

Despite all the fun that can be had with Pocket Cannons, it is important to keep in mind that they are not toys. They have the potential of causing property damage and bodily harm if used incorrectly or unsafely. Always make sure to take the necessary precautions to ensure your cannon-firing adventure doesn’t end in disaster.

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Stuff We Want: Pocket Cannons [VIDEO]