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Stuff We Want: The Motopeds Survival Bike

When the zombie apocalypse rolls around, you'll wish you had one of these bikes.

Meet the Motopeds Survival Bike: Black Ops Edition. It's basically a customized mountain bike that has a horizontal four-stroke engine and loads of cool outdoor gear and survival accessories. This single bike holds two fuel containers, a compound crossbow, a tactical survival shovel, a tomahawk, a harpoon, a saw, multiple knives, climbing rope, caribiners, flashlights, a GPS mount, multi-tools, and a whole lot more.



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The bike is designed for survivalists, but we think this bike would be handy for hunters too - especially turkey hunters. Mountain bikes are steadily becoming a popular method of field transportation for bird hunters, because they are relatively quiet, low-impact and easy to maintain. The Motopeds Survival Bike is indeed powered by a four-stroke engine, but it's also has a pedal-powered gear system perfect for the stealthy approach.


Unfortunately, the Motopeds Survival Bike is not yet for sale, but the company said on their Facebook page that they plan to make it available soon for an affordable price. According to the Motopeds website, the company is sold out of all their other custom bikes.

Would you buy the Motopeds Survival Bike? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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Stuff We Want: The Motopeds Survival Bike