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Stuff We Want: Crazy Foldable Shotgun [VIDEO]

Yep, this foldable shotgun is the stuff dreams are made of. 

The YouTube show “Forgotten Weapons,” published by Rock Island Auction, showcases some amazing weaponry from days gone by. A lot of the weapons found on the channel seem very functional, fun, and sort of surprising they didn’t become more mainstream, for example, the Burgess foldable shotgun.

The Burgess foldable shotgun is a masterpiece straight out of American gun manufacturing history. Ultimately, the design of the pump probably resulted in the eventual demise of this unique gun, despite the ability to be concealed fairly easily.

Perhaps a gun like this might make a comeback in the future as concealable guns are becoming more and more popular.

However, considering how big it still is, the foldable shotgun might just have to be a winter-only carry.

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Stuff We Want: Crazy Foldable Shotgun [VIDEO]