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Stuff You’re Gonna Want: The Crawford Survival Staff


The American-made Crawford Survival Staff is by far one of the best survival items ever.

Fitting a ton of survival tools into on easy-to-use and carry mechanism seems like a tough feat, but Crawford Knives might just have figured it out.

The Crawford Survival Staff combines a huge amount of capability into one compact package. Though it appears to be a run-of-the-mill walking staff, there’s plenty more than meets the eye.

Lets look at all of the features this amazingly-crafted survival tool.


The standard staff package is pictured above, broken down to its components. Its hollow modular design lets the user carry a multitude of different items that can be used in an ultimate emergency, or just for amusement on the trail.

I purchased a Crawford Survival Staff with additional accessories, these included a fish/frog spear, cane handle, and extra blowgun darts.

fish spear-bass

The blowgun is very usable, and I have been able to get good penetration with the darts and acceptable accuracy for small game up to 20 feet away. This is actually just a part of the handle itself with a broadhead tipped blowgun dart inserted. Simple, yet it works.

The spearhead doubles as a knife and can be attached to the staff as a lightweight lance. As stated on their website, it is not a spear, and thus should not be thrown. There is a heavy duty head that can give you extra strength to use as a spear.

11 06 17_5991

My staff is normally fully loaded with accessories as I like the extra weight, since it swings lively in my hand pendulum style. I also have added a small button compass, water purification tablets, and a small survival kit within the staff itself.

Prices start at $294.95 and extra accessories are added to the total, as there are many choices. Check them out here.

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Stuff You’re Gonna Want: The Crawford Survival Staff