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Theft of School Turkey Leads to Arrests After Bird Returned Smelling of Beer

school turkey
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Two California students have been arrested in the theft of a high school turkey last week after the bird was found reeking of beer and missing tailfeathers.

Two southern California students from Chapman University, Steven Koressel and Richard Melbye were arrested last week in connection with the theft and subsequent finding of ‘Tim the Turkey’ who went missing from a local high school.

Sources say that the school turkey was stolen and later found looking very ruffled, missing tailfeathers which appear to have been plucked out and reeking of alcohol. The two are also being investigated for animal cruelty violations as the investigation continues.

Chapman University issued a statement about the issue saying, “Due to federal student privacy laws (FERPA), the University cannot identify the students or reveal details of the institution’s disciplinary actions – however, the University will not tolerate any instances of theft, animal abuse or cruelty, is appalled by this behavior, and takes this issue extremely seriously.”

We share this, not to glorify what these boys have done, but to shed a light on issues that are still happening to both wild and ‘pet’ animals that we as conservationists have to be the first to step up and make right. Any time you see or can make an opportunity to shed a positive light on hunters and conservation you are the one that can help bring sportsmen in the public eye for the right reasons.

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Theft of School Turkey Leads to Arrests After Bird Returned Smelling of Beer