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Struggling to Prepare for Emergencies? Our List Can Help

Prepare Yourself

Prepare your family and friends for emergencies or catastrophes before it’s too late.

Basic rifle, applicable magazines and ammo is important. Focus on taking care of the basic needs of the rifle before customizing your weapon.

Prepare yourself for lawlessness within three days of a catastrophe

Medical supplies enough for each member of the family is critical because multiple casualties can happen. Having at least an individual and one large trauma pack is important.

A water filtration kit is also critical to keep clean water readily available. Preferably enough water for three days will get you passed a 72-hour threat. Dehydrated food and canned food will make life comfortable. Rushing to the grocery store will be crazy as people are not prepared and will be desperate.

Lighting and batteries is huge! Nighttime will fall and without lights your left in the dark, literally. Hygiene items will keep you clean and healthy. You only need a week to get by so you can make a solid plan to get further supplies.

Check your list and see what you need to survive three to five days. Stay motivated and be safe.


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Struggling to Prepare for Emergencies? Our List Can Help