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Strongman Tries His Hardest to Destroy YETI Cooler [VIDEO]

Yeti cooler

See how tough a YETI cooler really is when a strongman tries his best to destroy one.

Big Bald Mike is a strongman and pro-wrestler who weighs in at 500 pounds. In other words, he isn’t a guy you want to mess with.

Unfortunately for the coolers in this video, they didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. Mike put two different coolers to the test and did his best to destroy each one.

The YETI cooler was up first. YETI makes some of the best coolers around. They are strong, tough, and keep things cold for a really long time. You can’t ask for much more from a cooler.

Mike does his best to damage the YETI cooler, but doesn’t do so well. He then takes his anger from being unable to destroy the YETI cooler on out on another unsuspecting cooler.

That one doesn’t fare so well.

Strongmen are capable of some impressive feats including rolling up frying pans and ripping phone books in half.

The fact that the YETI cooler can take this kind of abuse and look no worse for wear is pretty amazing.

Get a YETI cooler here.

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Strongman Tries His Hardest to Destroy YETI Cooler [VIDEO]