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Only The Strong Survive: Alaskan Brown Bear Kills & Eats Two Bear Cubs [VIDEO]

Alaskan Brown Bear Eats Two Bear Cubs

Watch as this gigantic male Alaskan Brown Bear kills & eats two bear cubs after fighting and subduing their mother on the Alaskan Peninsula.

Mother Nature is a cruel mistress, and only the strong survive in the wild, especially in particularly harsh environments like Alaska. This is evident in this footage of a big male Alaskan Brown Bear fighting a female bear, then killing and eating her two cubs.

Unfortunately for the two cubs, the hunters who filmed this were forced to watch helplessly from over two miles away while the boar fought the sow, then made short work of the cubs.

WARNING: This video contains graphic content.

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As you can see, that big boar consumed those two cubs pretty quickly. Had the hunters gotten there just a little later, there wouldn’t have been anything left at all.

While observing this activity in person is pretty rare, big male bears kill the offspring of other bears pretty regularly in the wild. They do this in order to ensure that their mother comes back into heat, so that he can breed her and pass his genes along.

Though this seems cruel, it is all part of natural selection, which ensures that the strongest individuals pass on their genetics to ensure the survival of the species. However, it didn’t work out too well in the end for this particular bear.

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Only The Strong Survive: Alaskan Brown Bear Kills & Eats Two Bear Cubs [VIDEO]