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The Striated Caracara is Death on Wings [VIDEO]

The caracara is one of the world’s most merciless birds of prey and oh yeah, they hunt in packs.

It seems like many animals in the natural world hunt for easy prey, as it’s all about energy conservation when you’re looking for energy consumption.

What you see here is a band of mercenaries that descends on their prey like lions on a wildebeest, and they don’t let up until the job is done.

You thought that seal pup was toast, didn’t you? Well there’s nothing like a mother to overrule any so-called law of nature that says the strongest always survive.

The striated caracara is native to the Falkland Islands. Known as the “Johnny rook,” these birds of prey feed mainly on carrion such as dead seabirds. As a ruthless pack hunter they will also attack unguarded baby seals.

Don’t worry about the caracara, they’ll carry on another day and make a meal out of something else, that is unless that mother seal gets hold of them.


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The Striated Caracara is Death on Wings [VIDEO]