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Stress Inoculation in Training [VIDEO]

Besides training to shoot better, we need to train to handle stress.

We all train the fun stuff. We train how to put lead on target more accurately at farther and farther distances. We train to shoot while moving. We train to shoot from odd-ball positions. But do we ever train ourselves to handle the stress involved in a gunfight? Do we really know how our bodies will react to that unexpected adrenaline rush?

Instructor, competitive shooter and T.V. Personality Michael Bane and Pantaeo Productions come together to talk about how to train for stress using competition.


It's true that competition will induce stress. Jokingly, my plan for most stages is to forget my plan as soon as the buzzer goes off. As soon as the buzzer sounds, you are on the clock and the stress of wanting to do well sets in. Like Michael says in the video, it's artificial stress, but it is stress none the less and it will help to prepare you for greater stress next time.

If you get a chance, shoot a match and see what stress is all about. It will help you in the long run.

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Stress Inoculation in Training [VIDEO]