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Strength in Numbers: Hyenas Steal Carcass from Lions [VIDEO]

YouTube/New Science

Watch this unbelievable footage of a pack of hyenas ganging up on lions to try to steal their kill.

Lions are one of the top predators on the African savannas. Very few animals choose to pick a fight with them, and if they do, most will come out wishing they hadn’t.

This video proves that sometimes with sufficient numbers, like these hyenas, you can overcome even the strongest predator.

These lionesses are quietly resting and feasting on their fresh kill at the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. All hell breaks loose when a very large pack of hyenas decide they feel that animal carcass belongs to them.

Researchers from Michigan State University have been observing this mobbing behavior the hyenas have suddenly found to be very effective against combating lions. It involves a lot of cooperation and communication from the pack to be able to pull these risky stunts off, that until now we didn’t know they were capable of.

They still tend to shy away from male lions, as they have been known to actively chase down and kill hyenas, whereas the females tend to back down first. This has led the team to believe the hyenas seek out the more vulnerable females and decide as a group whether or not to engage them.

They have even observed using the same behavior of banding together when lions come near their dens to try to deter them. The team is currently doing more research into how the hyenas are actually communicating to one another to make the group decisions.

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Strength in Numbers: Hyenas Steal Carcass from Lions [VIDEO]