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STREAMtrekkers: A Versatile, Reliable, and Inexpensive Way to Wade

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Put your attention on the fish and not on your footing with STREAMtrekkers.

Traction in a stream or river can be a dicey situation. Rocks, slime and moss create often hidden hazards that can turn a nice day of fishing into a spilled tackle box, a twisted knee, or worse. Especially in fast-moving waters, a good foothold is as important to fishing as the lure or fly on your line.

Enter STREAMtrekkers and their clever biting-edge design that provides portable, easy on-and-off grip in the slipperiest of conditions. Made by ICEtrekkers, which specializes in footwear attachments for snowy and icy situations, these attachable cleats are a pretty great (and inexpensive) way to ensure some confident footing, and some more focus on the fish.

After giving these a few test wades, in albeit slow but still steady currents, I'll attest to their claims. The grip is significant, and there wasn't nearly as much apprehension about taking certain steps as there normally is. That's a good indication of a working product: I was able to focus on reading the water and making casts, instead of my feet.

Though the rivers in my area can't compare to the raging waters of our western mountain ranges, I'd venture a guess that the grip STREAMtrekkers provide would be mighty welcome in just about any situation.


The diamond-shaped beads made of a cast-hardened steel alloy are held together with aircraft-grade steel cable, and the exterior bands that hold them onto your boots are tough but stretchy rubber, allowing a one-size-fits-all versatility.

It's also important to point out another nice feature: the fact that STREAMtrekkers are easily removed and cleaned helps discourage the spread of invasive aquatic species.


If you want a simple addition to your fishing gear, and one that isn't going to cost an arm and a leg, do your feet a favor and consider STREAMtrekkers.

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STREAMtrekkers: A Versatile, Reliable, and Inexpensive Way to Wade