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Stranger at the Door? Grab the Henry Big Boy

Call me paranoid, but I don’t like random visitors at my door. I keep a Henry Big Boy ready to rock just in case.

You never know why that person approaches your door. In a time and age when the internet will provide just about any solution you might need at a moments notice, why people still go door to door puzzles me. The only people I expect at my door are the UPS man, or the pizza delivery guy.

When it comes to home security, I definitely chose a rifle chambered with a pistol cartridge. The .44 Magnum is a superior choice because it will knock down any adversary that might come in your way.

The .44 mag is also not an expensive round to train with and has many different type of projectiles. You can hunt, train, defend, and shoot recreationally with this cartridge. The Henry Big Boy is also the reliable rifle that delivers that cartridge. The hottest load tested was the Federal Hydra Shock at 1683 feet per second.

While this cartridge is amazing you should always take over penetration into consideration. While I’m pretty accurate with a pistol, I’m dead on with a rifle. I’d rather deliver a 44Mag out of a rifle than a pistol any day. The Henry Big Boy is accurate and there are plenty of videos including the one above that will show you how to reach out and make a difference with a Henry.



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Stranger at the Door? Grab the Henry Big Boy