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Strange Worm Balls Wind Up on Texas State Park Roadway [VIDEO]

Experts couldn’t immediately come up with an explanation for the appearance of several “worm balls” in a Texas State Park.

This is either a cosmic signal from the depths of the universe or an angler’s road to bait heaven, but no matter what’s going on with these worm balls seen in Eisenhower State Park near Denton, Texas recently, we’re betting there’s a good reason. Somewhere out there…

Heavy rains throughout Texas have stirred earthworms from their underground lairs, which should come as no surprise to anyone semi-familiar with the wriggly creatures. Nonetheless, clumps like these worm balls, sporadically spread out on an asphalt street, are rarely seen.

Most believe it has to do with migration processes, which include worms clinging to dirt (in many ways their lifeline) after rain, and to each other to congregate and communicate.

On the other hand, it could be a convincing message to skip work early and head to your favorite fishing hole. But that’s just the way our minds work.

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Strange Worm Balls Wind Up on Texas State Park Roadway [VIDEO]