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Strange Rabbit Fever Found in Wyoming

Via Wikimedia

Wyoming state officials have found several cases of tularemia found in residents and animals.

Health officials are issuing warnings to watch pets and wildlife since signs of the bacterial disease tularemia, or rabbit fever, have been found recently.

According to the Northern Wyoming Daily News, the Wyoming Department of Health announced there have been eight human cases of rabbit fever to date in Wyoming.

Four of the cases were located in Weston County and the other four were spread out between Goshen, Big Horn, Natrona, and Converse counties.

In addition to these human diagnoses, Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory reported cases of rabbit fever in wild and domestic animals in Albany, Platte, and Washakie counties.

Tularemia is a common affliction in rodents and occasionally affects other host species. Though it’s common to see rabbit fever in Wyoming, residents are still advised to be aware and on the lookout.

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Strange Rabbit Fever Found in Wyoming