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Can You Believe This Strange Elk Encounter After a Hunter Tags Out? [VIDEO]

“Hey, you gonna run into me or what?”

Take a gander at the new, secret elk-calling tactic for big bulls during this season.

I guess when it rains it pours. It’s proven true in this strange encounter that seems to make all other elk hunts look like way too much work.

Arizona hunter Daniel Rowledge had already bagged his bull and was waiting for his buddy when this happened. I hope the one he shot was bigger.

Aside from the odd nature of this contact, the real story here is about the hunter’s behavior and more specifically, what he didn’t do. The stereotypes about us would lead others to believe we indiscriminately kill whatever walks in front of us. This guy proves that real hunters police themselves. We adhere to game laws, not just because it’s the lawful thing to do, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Who wouldn’t love to have a set of antlers like that in their living room? Yet, this tagged-out hunter exercises discipline and enjoys the encounter for what it is. Let’s congratulate Daniel on his downed elk and his self-restraint as an ethical sportsman.

These are the kind of stories that make us proud to be part of the hunting population!

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Can You Believe This Strange Elk Encounter After a Hunter Tags Out? [VIDEO]