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Strange Eel-Like Fish Are Falling from the Sky in Alaska [PICS]

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When fish fall out of the sky in Alaska that look like eels from hell, it's time to stay inside.

Just because you're in Alaska, it doesn't mean that you have to go outside. For some people in Fairbanks, the proposition took on a special meaning when residents there began to see horrifying fish with eel-like features scattered around the town.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game/Facebook

So far, four eel-like fish have been spotted in parking lots, a front yard, and other various and odd locations. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game assured residents that they have nothing to worry about.

Identified as arctic lampreys, the strange slithering parasitic fish were probably dropped by feeding seagulls after being taken from the nearby Chena River. During the spring spawning run, the lampreys are more readily available to birds of prey and scavengers.

Alaskans have noted that when the arctic lamprey feeds on salmon, they can attain a certain fatty flavor and is considered a seasonal delicacy, making lampreys a tasty treat when roasted over an open fire.

Maybe Fairbanks residents should put net in their yards to try to catch the falling lampreys for dinner.

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Strange Eel-Like Fish Are Falling from the Sky in Alaska [PICS]