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Strange Animal Sounds That Make You Jump in the Woods

Sometimes a strange noise comes out of the woods that you just might not be expecting. 

This whole article idea came about very recently. As you can see from this screen shot below of a text message between me and a hunting buddy, the scream of a fox really made me take pause.

My buddy and I were hunting on opposite sides of a field about half mile from each other. Another hunter named Kenny was hunting a field owned by a farmer named Fagner, who I mention in the text, another field over. That’s when I heard a scream from his direction.

2014-11-03 17.56.35

There just aren’t a lot of foxes around where we hunt. As a matter of fact, there just aren’t that many in our state due to the large coyote population. To the best of my knowledge, this was the first time in my life I think I have ever heard an actual fox scream.

With that in mind, the following strange animal sounds are divided up between four-legged animals and winged. Most of us have all these animals in our states while some of us only have a few. However, I would offer a wager that just about all of us have heard at least one of these animals before when the sun was down that gave us a little pause, and maybe even made us switch the safety off the trigger.

You have to admit, some sounds may not be that strange to you, but some are at least intimidating, especially in the dark.


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Not all crazy sounds that come from the woods when the sun isn’t out are mammals. Most of the time those sounds we hear are birds. The following sounds are the most common night birds we hear. Of course, most of these are owls.



Whether we hear them and instantly identify the originators, or we are clueless as to what it is (and probably a little frightened), the noises that fill the woods when we’re in the backcountry are some of the greatest parts of being outdoors.

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Strange Animal Sounds That Make You Jump in the Woods