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Stranded Squirrel Rescued by River Boarder [VIDEO]

It was a lucky day for this stranded squirrel when a passing river boarder rescued from the middle of a rushing river.

In this very unique animal rescue, a river boarder grabs a stranded squirrel out of some light rapids after it makes a desperate leap for safety and doesn’t quite make it.

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It’s not exactly clear how the squirrel managed to find itself in the middle of the river in the first place. However, a good guess would probably be that it fell in upstream somewhere and wound up climbing onto that rock.

Luckily, a passing river boarder spotted the rodent and decided to help. The squirrel is frightened at first and eventually leaps upstream. The river boarder responds quickly and snatches the wet creature from the quickly moving water. Once it is placed on the safety of the river board, the squirrel shakes itself dry several times as the river boarder paddles to shore.

The small squirrel quickly scampers back towards the woods to recover from his exciting adventure once they reach the shore. It’s a safe bet that it won’t be venturing near the river again anytime soon.

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Stranded Squirrel Rescued by River Boarder [VIDEO]