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Stranded Kayakers Rescued Due to Survival Skills [VIDEO]

Stranded kayakers survive the night along the Gila River in Arizona because of their survival skills. 

Three stranded kayakers were recently rescued in Arizona due to their impeccable survival skills.

Watch as these stranded kayakers employed survival skills officials had only seen twice in twenty years.

These stranded kayakers did many things right including staying together, telling someone where they were headed, brought gear, and, most notably, created a giant SOS.

The three stranded kayakers initially each had their own crafts, but due to fallen trees two of those crafts were punctured.

After nine hours on shore, they were able to get a text message sent, detailing their location. They also scavenged the surrounding area for food.

All of this helped, but the reason these stranded kayakers made it out was because of their larger-than-life SOS sign.

It just goes to show it’s all fun and games until someone’s kayak gets punctured. Remember that survival skills and SOS signs will save your life in an emergency.

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Stranded Kayakers Rescued Due to Survival Skills [VIDEO]