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Storing Crankbaits Without Tangled Hooks

storing crankbaits

Tired of tangled hooks? Try these two tips for storing crankbaits.

Ok, we can do this two ways. Remove the hooks or don’t. Both will help to keep your crankbaits from tangling and make storing crankbaits less frustrating.

Doing these two things will ensure that your hooks do not get tangled and end up in a pile.

Wrap the Hooks When Storing Crankbaits

This can be done by wrapping the hooks together with a small wire tie or rubber band. Doing so keeps the treble hooks snug and reduces the chance of them hooking together with another bait. A wire tie is faster and will get you fishing faster, but small rubber bands will do the trick.

Finding both of these is fairly easy. If going the rubber band route, the orthodontics rubber bands are the perfect size and will reduce the number of times you have to wrap your hooks. The wire ties that come with trash bags are the perfect size. If you have neither, any type of wire will do the trick.

Remove the Hooks

storing crankbaits

This way guarantees that your hooks will not tangle, because there are no hooks. It does take longer to add the hooks. However, the number of crankbaits that can be fit in one tackle box (or even a jar) is a huge space saver.

While some may scoff at adding hooks every time they want to tie a crankbait on, it is a fast process once you’re used to it. The added benefit of changing hooks on the fly is that you can quickly adjust sizes or styles of hooks and also make sure each is sharp before adding them to your bait.

You can keep the split rings on to speed up the process, or even remove these to ensure that you always have a fresh one ready to go.


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Storing Crankbaits Without Tangled Hooks