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The Storied History Behind the Maker of Jeb Bush’s Custom Handgun

Twitter/Jeb Bush

Learn the long and interesting history of Gov. Bush’s custom handgun. 

Florida governor and Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush set the Internet on fire earlier this week when he tweeted a photo of a custom handgun with his name engraved on it.

Bush showed his support for the second amendment with a simple Tweet:

There wasn’t much more context given by Bush with the photo, but now the Washington Post is reporting that Bush apparently took the photo of the .45 caliber handgun during a Tuesday campaign tour and town hall visit to firearms manufacturer FN America, based in Columbia, South Carolina.

Today the company is responsible for building several popular firearms, including the M4 carbine for the U.S. Military. But the company has an especially interesting and storied past. FN America is a subsidiary of Belgium firearms maker FN Herstal, otherwise known as Fabrique Nationale d’ Armes De Guerre. If that name sounds familiar, you’re probably well-versed in World War II history.

The company produced many weapons used by German troops after the Nazis took over their company and factories. In another interesting twist, both the Axis and Allies wound up using the same version of a handgun as a result of this company. The Browning Hi-Power was a handgun in use by the Allies and FN Herstal actually manufactured their own version for the Nazis.

Colorful past of FN Herstal aside, Bush definitely made some waves with the Tweet of his custom handgun. The image and Tweet quickly went viral, with the original Tweet at some 25,000 likes and retweets since he originally posted it Tuesday.

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The Storied History Behind the Maker of Jeb Bush’s Custom Handgun