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Log Cabin, Stolen from its Foundation in Washington, Found [VIDEO]

A family in rural Washington were heading up to their log cabin in rural Washington only to find that their weekend getaway had been stolen. 

On April 7, the Hempel family was on their way to northeast Washington for a nice relaxing weekend. They arrived to an empty plot of land where their rural cabin usually sits. The gate’s lock had been cut and someone had removed the entire house off the foundation. They had just visited the cabin two weeks prior.

“We drove up to the cabin and the cabin was gone, it was just an empty hole where it used to sit,” said Chris Hempel.

The Hempel family, Chris, her husband and two kids, have owned the cabin for about four years and constantly get away for the weekends to hunt, fish, and relax.


Numerous news sites covered the odd robbery, and Stevens County police were on high alert. The Hempel family also started a Facebook group for information on their stolen weekend home.

On Thursday, the police got a tip and recovered the cabin, set up on stilts, 10 miles away from its home.

The cabin is still on the property where it was found and police are obtaining search warrants.

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Log Cabin, Stolen from its Foundation in Washington, Found [VIDEO]