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Stolen Hunting Goods Worth Thousands Resold at Local Yardsale in Alabama

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Baltimore Sun

Police make large bust over stolen hunting equipment in Alabama.

A couple was arrested in Jemison, Alabama for the theft of thousands of dollars of stolen hunting property on Tuesday. They were caught by reselling the stolen goods.

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The Sunday before their arrest they held a yard sale on the corner of two county roads in Chilton County. After a patron made a purchase, and later found out it was stolen, he contacted the authorities.

Jamison police showed up after and arrested 37-year-old Charity Williams and 45-year-old Roger Jones. They confiscated hundreds of items worth over $10,000.

“We’ve had crossbows, heaters, tools, knives, binoculars,” Police chief Shane Fulmer told a local ABC news station.

They believe a lot of the items came from hunting clubs, as well as some remote cabins that had recently been broken into. Various members of one hunting club in Perry County have already been by and claimed several of the items. Fulmer said;

We’ll spend a great deal of time from now into the future trying to get these identified and getting it back to it’s rightful owner.

If you live in the area and purchased anything from the yard sale, or believe any property of yours may have been stolen, you should contact the Jemison police department at 1-205-688-4492.

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Stolen Hunting Goods Worth Thousands Resold at Local Yardsale in Alabama