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Stocking Stuffers for the Hunter [PICS]

Stocking stuffers may be the easiest gifts to buy because they’re the smallest. Or does that make them harder?

Personalization Mall

It is time for you to get creative with your stockings. And by creative I mean specific. Get your hunting family hunting specific stocking gifts this year and watch their faces light up.

They will appreciate your creativity and you can take all the credit.

Check out this slideshow of what to put in your hunter’s stocking this year.

Hunting Soap


This is the perfect stocking stuffer because it is so small and your hunter will need it to mask his scent when he goes after those whitetail. Get it at Cabela’s.

Gun Totin’ Gal

Cute Country Store

This shirt is the perfect stocking for your gal who knows her way around firearms.

Just Shoot It

Open Sky

This may be tougher to stuff into a stocking but you can just put the arm or hood in there. It is just a great, cheap starter gift.

Chocolate Pistol

Sportsman’s Guide

Candy is always a staple as stocking gifts so why not this chocolate pistol? Get one from Sportsman’s Guide.


Hunting World Magazine

Magazines are also always a staple gift. Give the gift of some hunting specific reading material!

Long Johns


These long johns are going to be key to wear underneath hunting gear during cold hunting trips. Plus your hunter can dance around in them Christmas morning. Get some from Cabela’s.

Bathroom Decor

Gander Mountain

A couple pieces from this bathroom set would be perfect for your hunter’s stocking, specifically the toothbrush holder. Get any of this set at Gander Mountain.



Gloves are worn in almost every state during the winter months and especially out hunting. These ones from Cabela’s are pretty great, and reasonably priced, too.

Hunting Underwear

Under Armour

These boxers can be your hunter’s new favorite pair of undies. They may even become the lucky hunting pair if he takes something down while wearing them. Just make sure he washes them every now and then. Get them from Under Armour.

Duck Call


A duck call may be the ultimate stocking stuffer because of its size. Just make sure you remember that it’s in there, it might have been stuffed into the toes of the stocking. Get one from Cabela’s.

Beard Hat


Because sometimes real beards are scratchy.

Liked this slideshow? Check this one out.

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Stocking Stuffers for the Hunter [PICS]