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Low-Cost and High-Value Stocking Stuffers for the Avid Angler

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Want to know what to get for the angler who already has everything?

When you're shopping for the angler who brings the kitchen sink to throw at the fish, it's tough to know what to put under the tree and in their stockings because they probably already have it in their tacklebox. Here's a few suggestions of great gifts that come in small packages. All prices are accurate at the time of writing!

Boomerang Snip Tool: $10.35


If you fish with braid, then you know you can't cut it with your teeth. Clippers get dull quickly, and scissors are practically a safety hazard to lug around while stomping the banks. However, the Boomerang tool is specially designed for cutting through braid with a very minimal blade that won't skewer you if you slip in the mud or trip on a log. They're also retractable, so you won't drop them in the water while you're fumbling around, and they even put themselves away when you simply let go.

Trigger Happy Comfort Grips: $5.99


These doo-dads are a great little add-on that make a big difference. My personal experiences with using this product made me a true believer. The cushion from this product is similar to an after-market gel bike seat, and reduces fatigue from reeling in the big ones all day, or for the less successful angler, reduces fatigue from casting and retrieving. Great product for all target species with models to fit both casting and spinning rods.

Reeds Rod Wraps: $3.25


These handy little items are a simple but useful product for "Keeping Things Together" that made last year's list of top outdoor products. Slip the loop over the ends of the rod and simply pull one end of the loop. The beads cause tension on the bungee, keeping the pieces of the rod secured with all the rigging intact.

It only takes a few seconds to secure the pieces of your rods together. It's a great organization tool to keep each piece with the rod it belongs to if you have a lot of them in storage. Much easier and more effective than rubber bands or hair ties.

You can find Reeds Rod Wraps at Bi-Mart stores, as well as retail locations listed on their website, or order directly from Jim Reed himself on the Reeds Rod Wraps Facebook page.

The Tag Pen from Glass Rivers Tackle: $6.95

tagpenAt some point while fishing rivers along the west coast, we've all heard the questions "Anyone have a pen?" and  "What's the code for this river?" This pen will allow you to answer both of those questions and be prepared for tagging your own catches. The Tag Pen is compact so it fits in any tackle box, and includes a pull-out that has all the catch and location codes printed on a water resistant scroll. You can order the Tag Pen with codes for Oregon, Washington and California.

Hook Eze Fishing Tool: $12.49 (pair)


This little tool serves multiple purposes. The design makes tying knots safer for your hands by securing the hook, and efficient with a ring and swivel that make it easy to spin the hook freely to complete a number of different knots. On the back is a line cutter that can handle up to 40lb monofilament. You can also store your hooks safely and securely, fastening the rigging to the eyelets of your rod with the open ended ring.

Mack's Leader Dispenser: $7.49


This tangle free tool keeps leaders organized and hooks secured. Pull leaders out one at a time without no hassles. Design saves space better than other leader rolls and reduces coiled memory in the line.

Dave's Tangle Free Weights: $4.49


If you haven't already heard, Dave's Tangle Free Weights are the future of getting down. These rubber coated, steel weights get hung up less, and when they do get hung up, free much easier than lead. While the price point might be slightly higher for this product, once you get all your gear back a couple times, it's already paid for itself. They can be used for drop-shot techniques, float-fishing, and the trolling weights are also a game changer.

While most anglers probably have plenty of weights, they might be surprised once they have them in the water and see the difference it makes in their day spending less time retying and re-rigging everything.

You can purchase Dave's Tangle Free Weights through Bi-Mart stores or at 

The Hawken Fishing Beadmaster Float: $4.59


Sure, the average steelhead angler probably has dozens of floats, but again, if they haven't already tried one of these, they might not go back once they do.

The design incorporates key elements from existing floats, with a weighted bottom, extended stem, tracking ability, and a metal grommet "straw" stem insert. Because it's produced with features that give it durability, versatility, visibility above the surface and stealth presentation below, the Hawken Beadmaster is a product of evolution in float fishing.

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Low-Cost and High-Value Stocking Stuffers for the Avid Angler